Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Etude House Kissful Lips Care Scrub

Finally got the time to sit down and write the review about Etude House lips scrub. I bought it recently as my lips are desperately need rescue!

My lips condition:
1. Super sensitive lips. 
Whenever I use unsuitable lips scrub or lips balm my lips will become allergy and little bubbles will appear around it. Disgusting D:

2. Super dry lips. 
This is the biggest problem I have, my lips skin keep on peeling off and it become so ugly whenever I put lipstick/lips color on.

3. Dark color lips.
Are those dead skin? Haha..

So, here I decided to tried out Etude House lips scrub as I saw it in the newspaper. This is the first time I used Etude House product. 


The lips scrub contains sugar which naturally peel off your dry or dead skin on your lips. It is peach flavor. It stated that 

"This lips scrub makes lips soft and moist with its fine grain of sugar smoothing away dead skin."

The salesgirl recommended me to use twice a week for 30 sec, but for my case I applied it longer.  
It can even up your lips tone, and eventually the dead skin around your lips will fall off. She also told me that, for more effective, applied lips balm after used.

My lips really did become naturally pink although some of the dead skin are hard to peel off. It is really effective on the first time, I can't imagine after applying the whole tube. As you can see in the picture my lips before applying the scrub is really pale and dry. I have already used third time for now and my lips are smooth and pinky! But of cause, I am very hard working applying lips balm every second!

In my opinion, the price are a little bit not balance with the size of it. I bought it for Rm 29.90 in Sunway Pyramid outlet for only 10g. Anyway, sacrifice for beauty lips huh? 

I strongly recommend you guys to buy one if you want to juicy, pinky lips! I hope this review is helpful and soon, I will try more product from Etude House.

Happy Chinese New Year.


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