Wednesday, September 15, 2010

david garrett

finally,he came out a new album...lovee him so much..
i wonder over here has his album or not? so hard to find over here...
his new classical album based on rock~! lovee...still cant download now..
i jus addicted to his song.he is so brillant <3
why he didn come here to have a concert..? T,T
someone please upload his song on to the web..
cant wait..


Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's HOLIDAYS~ but still need to study~ T.T
just bought hayao miyazaki film collection from studio ghibli..
these few day i just watch those was great
i cant stop watching it~

the most i like is MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO~
love so much when i  m young till now...
i think all most everyone watch before~
the character is soo cute~~~
can't wait to watch finish all those movie!
maybe i will repeat repeat and repeat again ~

ahhh~ happy~ ^^*
oh ya,,,all those soundtrack also very nice~by joe hisaishi!
don't say i m childish~i just want to refresh my child memories~

happy holiday~