Monday, July 23, 2012

The leftover...

Did you ever think before garbage become an unlimited Art Material?

I was reading some blog yesterday and i saw this

At the first glance i though is was acrylic painting, but when i read the title it shock me. The artist use plastic leftover form broken toy and electronic device, wires, and other type of garbage to create this artwork. The recycle artist used smelly useless junk into a texture with a new meaning and content. The artist did not simply gather everything together, as you can see in this artwork, it obviously can see the shading and it look 2D. Other than that, it actually saving up lots of material money when you actually really go out and find those leftover. It simply doesn't consume more.

Recycled art are beautiful and inspiring. It represent a person creativity mind. Personally, i think that recycled art are more difficult than others.  You need to have a very creative mind to search for different leftover material and gather them together and form a real art.that have different texture and colors. This recycled portrait inspire me that not every pieces of artwork you must draw, paint and waste money to but material. Look around yourself, there are so many not useful stuff that you can keep it together and try to make a recycled art. Through waste, we also can make a beautiful pieces.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bon dë Odori!

Recently me and friend went to Bon Odori Malaysia occur at Shah Alam. This is the first time i went to Bon Odori. i was surprise that lots of people actually join this event.

In Japan, Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirit of the one that pass away. It actually has been celebrate more than 500 year. Bon Odori include a dance known as Bon-Dance. Because Bon Odori occur in summer in Japan, people usually wear Yukata (traditional wear). It also have huge carnival ride, foods and games. In Japan, they also put floating lanterns on the river that symbolize the ancestor spirit return to the world of death. At the end of the festival, they have firework display.2

While in Malaysia are a bit slightly different.Bon Odori was organizer by the Ministry of Tourism and The Japan Club Kuala Lumpur. Bon Odori in Malaysia doesn't have firework display and lantern. There have lots of different food stall and in the middle of the field have a big stage for people to perform Bon dance. After the speech and everything, dancer will go up to the stage and dance. The crowd will follow the dancer dance step by step.

Finding inspiration doesn't mean that you need to search for those top best artwork or any best thing. Inspiration might just came by searching some simple, basic or traditional thing. Bon Odori inspire me to remain the tradition sometimes. For the past 36 year they remain the same culture,same dance, same food but the event attracted many people to come. It inspire me that, for an artwork you can modify it but without changing the meaning or the technique. Other than that, Bon Odori inspire me about country culture and respect. In Bon Odori, people wearing Yukata include Malaysian, we interact. It seem that the relationship between our country and Japan getting closer. I personally respect their tradition culture that bring a different experience to me.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Street Art

When it come to street art, most people think that is a vandalism. But actually what is street art?

Street art is a visual art take space in the public streets. Street art are different from vandalism. Street art look more meaningful than people who write their names or something meaningless on the wall. Sometime street art are very political.

James Reka, in my "The Amazing street artist" list. He is young and up-coming Melbourne artist acknowledge as pioneer among the Melbourne street art. His art piece in street art are mainly about his creation of mystery creature/cartoon that communicate through color and movement. He played around with the style of fantasy and surrealism. 

Grabbed via James Reka Blog

The above picture present by James Reka.

Personally, i think that street art is a kind of culture that represented a country, a beautiful street art may attract attention. Street art also shown a person creativity in public. For example, street art artist use the opportunity of the wall to paint something look weird, funny or even 3D. In my opinion, James Reka did a very good job on the street wall. His painted cartoon on the wall with striking colors. He inspire me that sometime you may no need to think logically. Creating something that never seen/heard before also a creativity.

Finding inspiration or being creative doesn't mean that you need to sit inside your room facing a small paper! Be like a street artist, get out form the room, face the public, the big wall and let the creative in you flow into your mind.

Grabbed via Google

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Human Camera

This post going talk about a talented  architectural artist- Stephen Wiltshire

He was born on 24 April 1974 is a British Architectural artist in West Indian. He was born in London, England. At the age of 3, he actually has been diagnosed with autism. Autism is a disorder of neural development. People who suffer from this doesn't like social interaction and communication. Meanwhile, his father pass away in an accident. But different from others child, he have the ability to draw from his memory.

At the age of 5, he sent to Queensmill School to express his talent.  At the age of 8, he started to draw imaginary post-earthquake cityscapes and cars. When he was 10, he a series of London landmark with each letters. He called it "London Alphabet".
Here are some example of "London Alphabet" drew by Stephen;

After that, he attended City and Guilds of London Art School. After he graduated, he started to draw accurate and detailed of cityscape. In May 2005, Stephen produced a panoramic memory drawing of Tokyo on a 32.8-foot-long canvas. The only things he do is ride on a helicopter for 20 minutes, look around, and the cityscape is already in his mind. All he have to do is sit down and draw.  He had already drawn Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Dubai, Jerusalem. The most shocking is Rome cityscape. He drew so much detail that the number of columns in the Pantheon is correct.

In 2009, he completed the series of panoramas of New York City. As usual 20 minutes of ride, he sketched the whole view of New York.
Recently, he started his project at Shanghai, China. He had done a lot of amazing artwork
In 2011, he has been made an honorary Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustration.

New York.

Personally, i think that human brain are unlimited. Like Stephen, he use his own memory and sketched the whole country. Every pieces of his artwork was inspiring because of the accuracy, detail of each representative historical building. He drew exactly the same. He inspire me to focus on small details when comes to drawing. Toward people that at unfortunate, creativity still remain in their life. The express differently. Such as Stephen, he express it through landscape drawing. People were amaze about it.

All the photo grabbed from Google.