Saturday, January 29, 2011

back for holiday~

come back for CNY holiady from ns~
the 1st week in ns:

the 3 and 4th week:
[ for my friends in ns lah]

i found out that the trainer at the camp have 2 faces
they can be very funny with u than later they will be very fierce to u..
what can i do~?!

FOR A MONTH..i have a good relationship with my friends already! i m so happy..
okay ..till here only..2moro going back to sibu d..chervie poon ..have fun o!

Monday, January 3, 2011

national services

okay from tomorrow onward i will not will is cannot update my blog.facebook or msn
because i going to national services ..Gosh! i will so scare and excite~

pack my things already.i hope i did not forget anything~

great..i don really know how to survive inside with all the physical activities..and now i just need to wait for chinese new year and i can come back d! woots~
jus for few week~ i hope i can meet lots of friend!!! be brave,man chervie!

okay...bye everyone..we will meet after march~