Monday, December 28, 2009

make up..

drag by joan kong(my cousin) help me make up...!

i feel like a barbie doll...
haha..quite fun lah...she had a lot of make up things lor~!

maybe over there had more free time to do these kind of things...
i just sit on my bed and let her draw on me FACE!

after that she still wan me to take photo...!
me>>DUN WAN LAH...i rub it off ar?
she>>noo! take urself or i help u take!?
me>.T.T..fine lor.i take myself..!

than she keep on flashing on me..!
she still not enough wor..still wan me to wear the contact len than make my eye soo BIG!

fine lah..i just take a few only lar..keke..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas..i know im late to wish my freinds...
sorry..cause busying about christmas..!

i had a wonderful christmas...

today my cousin webt back to sarawak d..
sad T.T...sad emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

i saw them went into..
and my eye start to be watering..i hate this feeling la...
i had try to control myself lah..
but luckily no one know i want to cry!...hehe

my cousin had been here for more than a month..,and we talk alot..
she sleep at the same room with me..and now she went back and my room been back to quite..
we went to shopping,trip...together la...
but now she went back and i need to wait 2 years to go back there!

btw i will upload some photo soon..!
i think if i can use the computer..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

so long didn updated my blog ady...
been busy this holiday..cause my cousin came down..
went lots of places actually..

but next time i only upload to blog...
if im free,,,

this saturday going to penang lu...
have some fun with my family! i cant wait! is coming~!

going to caroling..dun know this year will be different or not leh..?
try to be happy la..