Monday, August 27, 2012

Picnic Backet

So this is the last post for my assignment..

Want to share the strangest building in the world but after searching it, i browsing the image I personally find it quite creative.

This is a BUILDING!
Basket building in Ohia, Usa. Is a 7- story with an are of 180,000 square feet corporate headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. Inside the building got a atrium with glass ceiling which you can see the basket holder over the roof.This building is an example of Mimetic architecture. The basket handle weight 150 tons which can be heated during cold weather to prevent ice damage. The building is an identity of the  best seller of the wooden basket a.k.a picnic basket.

Personally, i find it very creative, this building make people remember what  their company produce very easily. Good marketing. Others, i find it very catchy because of the texture of building and the hander. It look so real that you might think is a giant basket for alien. It is very hard to seen in Malaysia with this kind of architecture. Usually is very hard to put your own company product as an architecture.
The creativity mine to make their best seller as a building is wonderful. The wooden texture they made on the building are very real.
I really hope that one day i can visit this super giant basket.

the interior of the basket building.

Image grabbed via google.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


went for movie last few days, decided to watch Paranorman.

When i first heard about is a 3-D stop motion animated horror movie, i was like what is stop motion?

after the movie, i found out all the characters they used are like something make out from dough.

Norman is the main character which can talk to dead spirit, everyone does believe him and look down on him. One day, his uncle came to him and told him he is the one who can protect the town. Then, his journey begin to stop the curse from the witch.

From my view, the animation are very real, it doesnt look like those dough cartoon back in my days. Very fake and it does not move at all. Although this movie was a horror movie, but that day i saw many many parents bring their kids to watch. It's a humour horror cartoon to me. Other than that, this film full with fun character, everyone have their own unique personality. For example, Norman can talk to ghost but people call him freak. Zombies is not bad characters like what we think, they are regret for what they have done to the little girl. Paranorman is a bit of gothic and stylized. It's really a great animation to watch.  There have a great storyline with great character, this animation also consits moral value to children, young adults and adults.

ahhh...should come out before my storybook assignment so i have a clue for it! P/s: should go and watch!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

toilet paper roll!?

Many people doesn't care about the toilet paper roll after finishing the toilet paper. They throw it away like me. it because i feel that it a useless rubbish. Well, as my previous post i said that rubbish can become an artwork. So i search it at google about toilet paper art. This is what i found :

Tons of toilet paper with glue and scissors. a great wall deco is out. Recyclable, not involving money, modern and stylish!

Toilet paper art are very inspire-able. It take patient to make one toilet paper roll. Personally i find it quiet interesting that people keep toilet roll to make and artwork. Imagine a big piece of artwork need to use how many toilet roll and how long to gather it?!  Toilet roll as wall deco? never heard before. It is very creative because it doesn't involve big big amount of money to make a wall deco. It look classic and modern. Imagine you put this on your wall and when someone make compliment about it and you said : " Hey, it toilet roll!" they will be like "Whuuuttt?!". For me, i find out that recycle material or RUBBISH are the best medium to make  great artwork. It amazing that people have creative brain to make such things out with one material which is toilet roll. It not just about making and put it aside, it's about Decoration on the wall! Other than that, it designs are simple and modern. Not too fancyfor a wall decoration.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I was googling about origami and this pop out:

I though it was just normal paper origami, the colour attracted me and i click in. After reading, i was surprise is actually made out of ribbon.

It called ribbonesia which is the creation of Japanese artist and illustrator Baku Maeda. It is an art project where 3-D animals are created using ribbons and other fabric. He play with colours of ribbon and the simple repetition of the twist and bend to create ribbonesia. Ribbonesia not just like normal paper origami that usually we fold and  kept it. For ribbonesia, you can used it as a decoration with gift wrapping or as a accessories on your shirt or anything!

I think it is an interesting way to express his creativity using ribbons and fabric. Not like normal paper there are limited to colours or pattern. For ribbon, we can use any colours to express the ribbonesia that you wanted to make. I really admire people who can make amazing hand made stuff. It look elegant and classy to make ribbonesia as a gift to someone or as a decoration. The creativity of using ribbon to make and art or sculpture out is totally different from others. Although i think i will be costly, but at least is something that i never thought before. Is time for me to buy some ribbon and store it at home. How i wish there have a workshop for ribbonesia in Malaysia. I would definitely like to go and visit!

complicated ribbonesia!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The WF!

Here is another Youtube production I admire,

Wong Fu Production is film making group found by Ted Fu, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang. There are students and dorm mate from UCSD at San Diego. They started making video in 2003. Before having a professional official company, Sketchbook Media, they post their video on Youtube.

Wong Fu Production gained their popularity by producing music video and short films. Their works have been featured in national and international film festivals. For instant, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival. They have already inspired many people to go in this field. They hit one million subscriber in 2011. They also film singer music video. Others, they have tour around  the country, university, give talks and collaborate with other youtubers. In their production company, they came out with their design brand- "Nice Guy" which sell soft toy, T-shirt, badges, cups and more. ALL are done by threesome!

Personally, i found out their videos are very creative and unique. three of them  have  unique personality  which i think is important for online film maker. It actually way more easy for audience to remember you.

 Film making is also a creativity field, as Wong Fu Production they have lot of different idea to make video from sad to happy. Their creativity have shown in their video. They inspire me to dream big.  You just cant find one way to reach your goal, try others! Wong Fu uses the internet to gain popularity, to became a successful filmmaker. Other than that, they inspire me to be grateful for what you have. They said before they are very lucky that able to make movies for living, for what they are interested. I also must be grateful as i can study the course that i wanted.

Wong Fu Production

Nice Guy Logo

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