Wednesday, November 18, 2009

kim che 21st birthday!

ohh! che che is coming back !
me and my couisn start to imagine how's che che had change thru 2 years in australia studying!

so it's was che che 21st birthday!
we went to ye ye house and celebrate..when we saw che che..
she had no big change has we imagine...

have a load of fun!
we chit chat...saying school life..drama..things ..things..
ohh!by the way..che che DV had a lot of stupid photo of her cousin..
when she went back to aus..her friends saw all those picture..will say
>wah! ur all lame cousin ar!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

ahh! mummy went back to hometown liao..
need to wait for a week only she come back..!
wish the day faster come lah..than my cousin there all oso will follow!

sien lah..need to do house work and look after my brother ..==
some more my elder brother want to celebrate his birthday and invite his friend come to have a BBQ party!

OMG! i think tat day is the worst day lah! how i survive with all those boys!
and so damn noisy.. u know boys de lah...make till the house like going to drop down like that
i cant imagine tat day ar!

some more he still call me go out and stay with my cousin because of want to sleep at my room!
DAMN U! i wont..!

come on lah..u call ur freind come is ur bissnuess..dont pull me down can or not?!

someone pls help me on that day..!h Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



when to bird park at sunday!
walk till full of sweat and hot!
but i love the nature over's nice
took a lot of picture..have a lot of fun..
if got a friend go with will be greater!

btw..i actually wanted to upload to facebook
so u can see the same picture at facebook la
i think quite lot upload to facebook..
i just choose some nice one ..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the one visit

visit to the one acedemy
quite fun la!
me and sook kuan wish to go in to the one to study...^^

wat we do?!
creative learning..give some paper work..drawing things.. the end right they got a stall selling things..
what i do?
TOA students>come! buy!

me>FOR FREE AR?! *shout* bunny Pictures, Images and Photos


me>wei! sook kuan..why u say like that!? haiyo...[walk away]
sk> O.O wat?! chervieeeeee! i didn say that la!

cant believe that we take this picture!