Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: NILE Malaysia Online Shopping

Sorry for the forever no update! I was super duper busy recently with my university.

It was fun being as a student as you can shop online with your friends whereby you can share the postage and shopping experience together. 

My friend introduce me to NILE Malaysia recently and I am crazily in love with this shop. Although their shop doesn't have many choices of clothes but the PRICE are super affordable. 

So, what is NILE and why are they selling such a low price?

This because Nile prioritized their customer satisfaction first rather than earning profits. They believe that by applying this method it can build a long term relationship with their customer. *is me!* 
Other than that, they actually provide return/exchange policy with an acceptable reason from the product purchased. The most important is they provide COD (Cash on Delivery) within Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area.  I am satisfied with the delivery method as sometimes it hard for me to wait for the pos to come without knowing the exact date of delivery. In addition, they gave free delivery charge if you buy RM 100 and above. 

Overall not bad, fast and organize. I will give them a big thumb up to them because they reply my email during public holiday! The delivery package were well wrap, everything was in a good condition.

Enough said.
Here are the items I bought in Nile before Chinese New Year.
*Click to enlarge*

  I never though of buying accessories online because there are not worth it as I can find them at the shopping mall, but, Nile as surprisingly gave me the URGE to buy.

1. Hair band- RM 2.30
2. Necklace- RM 5.50
3. Punk Necklace- RM 8.50

I was a little disappointed on the waist straps shirt because the photo shown that the shoulder area should be transparent but it came out to be skin color. But still acceptable, can;'t blame them thou, these are the risk buying online right?

1. Lace Shirt- RM 18.40
2. Waist Straps Shirt- RM 16.90
3. Men's Pattern Pant- RM 25.90

The quality ain't that bad and the sizes are okay, I got a good feedback from the men's clothing thou.
That's all for this post, hope it's helpful!