Wednesday, September 30, 2009

koperasi meeting..

today suddenly said that got meeting for koperasi members...
so i need to decorate the hall..
i call kuen wei and yi shuen come and help lo..but yi shuen din come..T.T

me and kuen wei start to put the alphabet together..
than she paste it at the white board..

kw>look like not straight one?
me> got meh? erm..a bit lah...
we two adjust and adjust..

* * *
after we finish lunch we go back to the hall..
got a register table and my duty is on!
we sit there and play..
me>got present? [actually is a pencil box]
kw>wah! i want the blue one..look nice leh..
me>ey, orange got a few only edition ar..

got people came and register..
me>sign ur name here..
hong mun>u want which colour ar?
guy>anything la..

than a teacher came here..
hm>teacher sign here..
hm>what colour u wan?got blue,green....
teacher> la..yellow? green la..
than the teacher says that she wanted to go toilet than at the end she din come back to attend the meeting..!

the bell rangs..
clement>what is this?i can go mah?
me>u got buy saham or not?
clement>no lah..nvm la..u write my name on..
than he try to take the present so we try to take it back!
than he came back again..
me>u really want to go in hor? very boring want wor..
clement> air corn...
me>my emotion

so me and kuen wei go to find the rest of them..
when we reach 4B..
kw>i don't want to go in la,,got the .....
me>why? ==*okay la i go..

than when we reach 4M..
me>my turn to don't want to go in liao..
* * *
when want to choose ALK that people give names ...
until the last one..
the teachers are discussing something..

me>yan jun,i called ur name ar?
yanjun>don want..
me>farah i call ur name ar?
farah>tak nak..
yj>chervie i call u ar?
me>noo..i m not la..i din buy the saham so u cant called..xD
yj> -O-

than after that,the principal says>i candangankan CHERVIE POON..
me>O.O..[i jus know want to called people,now called me!]
yj>^-^*[look at me]
don't say people ar later ownself got caught! T,T

than after finish all the things..
keep the decoraton back..
me>i want P..
hong mun>i want H AND M...
kw>ah!don't have C leh..
shen yi>i found K!!
than we stick the work on our uniform..haha..that's what we do before that

i got and P and i SMILEY face!
oh well,kinda fun today...
btw,is skip a lot of classes today! haha..
but exam is coming!

ohh!tomorrow need to stay back at school to study...haix..who want join us?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

today at school damn funny!

what does sook kuan do today?

1) trying to be a reporter to interview kuen wei..

me-assistant of reporter
kuen wei--the start
cheah soon--the start assistant

sk> hi..i m sook kuan from where where where..
>how was ur love life's?
kw> ...
cs>ohh! very good..
sk> haiya...i ask her not u la!
sk>chervie,write down..
me>ohh..![pretending to write]
kw>he help me answer already..
sk>ohh! how will u choose a right guy?
kw> erm..
cs> ohh! she want handsome one,nice the one upstairs de..
kw>he is my assistant he will answer for me..
sk point to cheah soon

sk>u know she like who?
cs>erm..the one leh..neh..the one ar..
sk>okays...hear that the outsider says that u are her bf?
cs> i cant says that..
sk>chervie write down ar..later need to pass up to the magazine
sk>thanks for ur interview..
> this is sook kuan private interview,thanks and good night..


* * *
today at bm class,teacher are giving up the book to us..
and the cheah soon.nothing to do and stand beside teacher..
untill sook kuan book..
teacher> sook kuan!
cs> GRASS! [kinda loud]
she wanted to stand up to take her book and after he says that she quickly sit down..
sk> ahh!
she went to took her book and hit him.. *ouch*

when we are doing summary for bm class...teacher is writing the point on the board..
what does cheah soon do?
1) take his book
2)walk to the front
3) stand in front of the board [very near]
4)start to copy

me> cheah soon! ur short sighterness so serious ar..need to stand so front for what?!

Monday, September 28, 2009

back to school..

wooh..back to school already!
miss them laa ;)

today happened a lots of things la..
at the morning went to school..everyone is reading sejarah!
OMG! i feel that exam mood is near already..
i can say that my mood is like this>>bunny Pictures, Images and Photos

quite lazy already! haix..
back sook kuan hitting me life's?!
just kidding laa ;)

* * *

cheah soon and kuen wei started to talk..kinda near..
his hand like want to beg people like that..

sk> see call k.w marry him like that..
me> O.O..really look like wor..

we two started to act..
sk is acting cheah soon,me is acting kuen wei..
sk> would u marry me?
me> no la..><
sk> come on la..
me> haha..xD [cant stop laugh]

sk> cheah soon! u want to call kuen wei marry u izit?
c.s> =)..ya ar..kuen wei wait for me ar..i will but 10 k diamond for u..
me> hahaha..u r right..where is it?10k?!
sk>ya la..where?
cs> the ahem..ahem will give la..
chah soon if u r looking not my fault ar

* * *

acc that time me and sook kuan went to toilet...
come back that acc note book has fly to sook kuan table...
when i saw it is got a few word that SOMEONE wrote it..
but to sook kuan note book..she is doing the T...
there got write grass--RM2430
rugi atas pelupusan FARMER----RM320
sk --*pawk* on my lap! ahh!
me> wei ar! not me ar! hit me for wat! pain ar!
sk> sorry..i tought u are he..
me> O>O do i look like he?!

the person is....

* * *
at chinese class...
teacher>exam coming lo..chinese wll not be so fast exam..

ohh! btw,i know the no name guy is who already!
cheah soooooon! u better watch out ar!
play with me!

* * *
PLS stop saying my best friends and the who NOT!
some more i don't that ur comment got what meaning inside or u talk like that..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

hari raya

when to visit my father friend house for raya..

we stop at the fruits stall to but fruits for my father friends..

me and my brother wait at the car and start to take picture..
btw we go to that house de food very nice lo!

my neighbour also invite us..
very full lo..

we are acting SILLY!

my younger brother and i dunno acting what..?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

what a morning!

today is a windy day!! =P

started to holiday already..but after holiday stated to exam..
boring lah..always exam..i haven prepare yet..

needed to wait to meet my friends..
going to raya..wooh!! can go my father malay freinds house and eat!

love to eat their food! NICE!

tonight going to eatb at holiday villa for buka!eat!eat!

suddenly love M2M de song..
very nice to heard..i have put in my blog player..
hope u enjoy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OMG!! i just found out mj This Is It trailer!!

it's very nice! cool..
i love the last part of says..[it's all about love..L-O-V-E]
and he smile a lot of time..haha

haox..if he still here his concert will be very great and nice and cool!!
no wonder he is the legend and the king of pop

i wan to watch! friends, let's go!

btw,this movie will be up at cinema on 29 oct 2009 in malaysia !!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

silly things that happen in my daily life..

today wake up than rain liao..
heavy rain le...than went to school like usual...

yesterday sook kuan called me and ask that i got took her pencil box..
when she called me i still sleeping..
sook kuan: u got saw my pencil box?
me> nope..
sk> haix..i lost liao lo..i think i left at 4C when chinese class.
me>cool la..pencil box only mah..2moro go find la..
sk>/...ok la [hang up]
me> fast...bye bye also didn say fine..continue sleep..

* * *

sk> i found my pencil box liao..i left at 4C
me> .............==

when in the a water bottle on sook kuan table..

sk> whose water bottle is that??!
me> whose table is tat?

haha..actually is mine la..i just kidding with sook kuan..

this morning yan jun went to library to on the tv..
when she took the remote out.. nothing come out..

sk> yan jun is waving her hand to say hello to the tv..
me> hahahah..^^
yan jun> ==^||

* * *


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

another different day..

haha..2moro finish latih tubi already!!
great! i love it..

at latih tubi me & sook kuan

me: borrow ur book!
sook kuan: nah..!take! faster..

teacher look over here...

me: wait..*==
as the book on sook kuan table..
me: keep ur book teacher coming..!

* * *

nicholas see pass by my table and hit until my water bottle drop on the floor..[going to toilet]
SPLASH! the water pour until the floor.. O.O

erm..someone please..
> u make drop ppl bottle lah!
>sorry ar!

when he come back...
>sorry ar..i but 1 back for u la..
me: never mind la..

what i tell to sook kuan>>>>>>>
me: i drink water for the whole day leh..i cant eat lo..
sk: hahahaha..xD [keep laughing]
cheah soon do the same thing with sook kuan..
me: ==^
borrow money i want to but water..
sk: nah..this 1 dollar also got put in the mesin wash before..i forgot to take out..hehe
me: **

* * *
after recess he really bought one bottle of water for me..haha..
thanks lah!

p/s: today is a crazy day for me!

a thrilling time is in ur immediate future

Monday, September 7, 2009

suffering la..

yesterday jus went to the dentist to adjust my braclets..

but now very pain la!
didn eat dinner for 2 days ady..pain like hell lah..
hate la..haix..
not even feeling like eating lo..
tomorrow still need to go to schl and exam! stupid lah..

today didn even hav schl..haha..
didn study for tomorrow exam ..let's past up blank paper la..

okays la..

Friday, September 4, 2009


yeah! 2day jus finish my art ..take a long time for me to finish..

finally i finish it..haha..I REALLY LOVE IT!
btw its really look nice leh...
even teacher oso say nice loh..haha..>< ah! our schl still got latih tubi la! really very boring one.. here is my art..

you will spend old age in comfort and material wealth.