Monday, June 25, 2012

The bestseller!

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This book have reached the first best seller in UK, US, Germany and Ireland.
This novel is about holding on, letting go and learning to love again.

Briefly talk about the storyline, Gerry( Holly husband) succumbs to a terminal illness and pass away at the age of 30, Holly( Main Character) couldn't live with our her husband. She is sad, unable to let go and hiding herself in her apartment that she thinks one day her husband will be back. But with the help of series of letters that her husband left her before he died to give Holly strength to get back her life slowly. And a little help from her friends and family. She follow the letters from Gerry to find a jobs, meet new people, went back to the place they met.She finally learn to laugh, overcome those fears, and discover a world that she never knew.

The author, Cecelia Ahern is an Irish novelist since 2004. She was born in 30 September 1981. She obtained a Degree in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffth College Dublin. P.S I Love You was her first novel. It actually adapted to a film. She wrote few books such as Where Rainbow End, The Gift etc. She also produce short stories.

I love this book because she is good at pin-point the emotions of the character through words, thoughts and fears that someone in mourning go through especially you lost your beloved one. This book is good for those who has lost someone very special in their lives. The book theme is normal is strong! How hard for a person to go back to a normal life,when the love one are gone? It hard to go back to normal life, so Cecelia choose to wrote the story by letting the main character start her life all over again.

Cecelia use strong words that touch people feeling. Creativity can't stop by in words. It's more harder to express a feeling through a book with LOTS of words. It inspired me not to give up easily in  life and beautiful words express strong feelings
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Cecelia Ahern

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bitten Apple

Recently, I have just gotten an Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch. Although it is costly but I needed it for my three years of degree in Graphic Design. The pictures displayed on the screen is remarkably amazing, gotta thank Steve Jobs for founding Apple company. Moreover, this is the first Apple product that I actually acquired. The functions are totally different from a normal average Windows.

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The first thing I found out about my Macbook Pro is that there is no right click? O_o After learning it in university and the manual book, I roughly know how to operate a Mac.

The incredible and inspirational creator of Apple Inc, Steve Job have been admired by people around the world. I, myself admire Steve Job's ability as a designer, inventor and also a successful businessman. He had change the computer revolution in this world. He also know as the co-founder, chairman, CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Job is also  a member of the board of director  of The Walt Disney.

Steve Jobs background- also name as Steve Paul Jobs , born at February 24 1955 in California. He have 4 children which are Lisa-Brennan-Jobs (writer), Reed Jobs, Erin Jobs and Eve Jobs.

As a designer, Steve Jobs studies about typography. He said that he always focus on small little things (details) like every curve,pixel, gradient and light. For example, on the macbook Pro the sleep indicator light glows when it closed, every computer have it..what so special? For mac it know as timed to glow at average breathing rate of and adult.

Steve Jobs have received many honor and public  recognition because he had influence the technology industries. He has been called as the "Father of Digital Revolution".

Although he had pass away last years, but his creation has change the world of technology. Although Steve Jobs did not complete his study but with his creation, intelligent and imagination. He came out iPod, iPhone, iMac with different series that most of the people are holding now. I truly admire him, he used simplicity in all his design and creation. He is also a great leadership example. Creative leadership, he keep on coming something new to his customers.

In my opinion, Steve Jobs done the greatest invention until now. His creativity from a typography to Apple Computer to the finest Graphic on the screen in Apple Computer, to iPod-music, to iPad- entertainment, iPhone- Communication, iMac- Designer & businesses. All his invention just came in to people daily stuff.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mickey the Mouse!

" I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing-- That it was all started by a mouse."
- Walt Disney, Disneyland; October 27,1954

Recently went to MidValley Mall to have a look at The Mickey Mouse Exhibition. Various painted Mickey with the used by different medium are bring displayed at the exhibitions. There have LARGE size Mickey and small size Mickey around. There are painted by different people such as students and artists. It actually eye catchy because of the 10 feet tall mickey place at the center of the exhibition and the mixture of different colour on the Mickey.

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Mickey Mouse is a signature cartoon of Walt Disney Studio. To whom that born in 80's and 90's people sure know what is Mickey Mouse? How it look like?

Mickey- Black Mouse, wearing red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves. The original Mickey wasn't in colour and doesn't look attractive. Until now, Mickey actually have  a lot of changers and it still improving.

The company usually use this  symbol "Mickey Mouse" to represent Mickey. I remember when i was a child i used to search for hidden Mickey when there is a particular advertisement to search for the hidden symbol of Mickey.

For the exhibition, there are many small mickey that are painted with different style and design.It not just about painting, it about the creativity of the design. Some Mickey have clothes on it, some and weird tools, some have lace, some even have grass on it.

Some picture I took,


Creativity are actually improving days by days, practice by practice. Human dreams can become a design. I have look through the design of Mickey Mouse, design are not like in a certain way that you have a formula for it. It need changes. We can design anything, out of anything!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paper art

City in a Box
This a a gift from a special person on my birthday. It named "City in a Box". Its actually a empty container box and fill in with paper art. Although it just a simple and plain paper art but it actually needed a lot of effort to do it. The cutting, arrangement and folding. And the interesting part----- there's a hidden pocket at the background that fill in with a letter. This actually catch my attention and I started to do paper art! Oh! as you can see it actually is Paris in the Box..

I search on the internet for paper toy template because I still don know how to design it. It actually take lots of my time! During the semester break, i actually make a PANDA collection of paper art.! I am still improving my cutting, folding, gluing skills.

The panda crew collection!

I found our when most people think of art involving paper they sure think of drawing, sketching or painting.However, human are creative! They use paper for paper art or Craft, pop-out, Paper Toy, Origami, Collage and more.
This is how amazing creative and imagination can be. It not just creative in designing the template but also creative in different form like cutting, folding, and carving!
It just a small inspired  from the gift box.