Saturday, November 14, 2009

ahh! mummy went back to hometown liao..
need to wait for a week only she come back..!
wish the day faster come lah..than my cousin there all oso will follow!

sien lah..need to do house work and look after my brother ..==
some more my elder brother want to celebrate his birthday and invite his friend come to have a BBQ party!

OMG! i think tat day is the worst day lah! how i survive with all those boys!
and so damn noisy.. u know boys de lah...make till the house like going to drop down like that
i cant imagine tat day ar!

some more he still call me go out and stay with my cousin because of want to sleep at my room!
DAMN U! i wont..!

come on lah..u call ur freind come is ur bissnuess..dont pull me down can or not?!

someone pls help me on that day..!h Pictures, Images and Photos

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