Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas..i know im late to wish my freinds...
sorry..cause busying about christmas..!

i had a wonderful christmas...

today my cousin webt back to sarawak d..
sad T.T...sad emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

i saw them went into..
and my eye start to be watering..i hate this feeling la...
i had try to control myself lah..
but luckily no one know i want to cry!...hehe

my cousin had been here for more than a month..,and we talk alot..
she sleep at the same room with me..and now she went back and my room been back to quite..
we went to shopping,trip...together la...
but now she went back and i need to wait 2 years to go back there!

btw i will upload some photo soon..!
i think if i can use the computer..

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