Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i got these keychain!
i admits that im a one piece (anime) freak lah

for the whole holiday i watch one piece from morning to night
[actually is form noon lah...cause sleep till noon] ^^

after start school i aslo watch leh...i cant wait the time to load finish the ep!!

i cant control myself to stop watching la!

* * *

today at school----
quan li call me during acc period,i turned back and saw a DURIAN SWEET...O.O
quan li> pass to ......
me>O.o..[the sweet look so...]

teacher is teaching, SUDDENLY!~
teacher> CHERVIE~! apa maksud imbangan duga??
me>Shock Pictures, Images and Photos
why me...? and my action is taking the sweet trough halfway passing to ppl...

i stand up and...erm...
sook kuan> akaun imbang!
teacher> har?! see the book write wat...
me> follow by the book

after that sook kuan keep laughing!
sk> laugh emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

me>==*...stop lah!~

this call an unexpected call meh?!

during going back home....
sk>fast! fast!
me>ohh! u go 1st lah..

reach outside the school.
sk> my dad haven come yet..
me>==** don let me throw shoes at u! so fast for what!? i need to wait till 1.30pm also!
called me so fast come out!

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