Tuesday, August 24, 2010


gosh~ don't know what happen to my parents again...

started to scold...giving me load of stress..

on sunday,10 p.m ----this happen
my mom started to nag me that tomorrow still got exam..come'on just maths paper 1 only..i still got the whole morning for tomorrow to study...

while she shouting here and there..i was watching anime on the computer..(i load from so long on that episode)..when i walk away from the computer

she walk toward to the computer and CLOSE my anime and OFF the internet!
DAMN! i waited for so long and she off it~i started to yeld at her bang the door..throw my brother phone that always charge the battery in my room..*(at the end my charger can lost d)*

SHUT the door up and stay at my room...that's what i do..she think she off the internet than i will study ar..

later, she scolded me for throwing the phone..BLAH..BLAH..BLAH...said that still got few more month is exam still facing the computer...so what do i do? SHUT MY MOUTH UP! OR NOT WILL GET SCOLDED FOR ANOTHER HOURS~

* * *
today,my dad don;t know why again started to ask me that last saturday he msn ask me that got cook or not..so i say that yes.
He say that he called my mom (sleeping) than she say no, cause we're going out for dinner.
than, i say that u all like to call people while people is sleeping.HOW THE HELL PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING WHEN SHE IS SLEEPING! !

my dad tell me he said this SATURDAY! SATURDAY!
i say: ya lah,..saturday lah..mom got cook mee lah..u all so late come back.i kept in the frige lah!
fine! if we going out to eat but mom also got COOK for u all !

he don't know wor..mom didn say...i like..what the hell?!

these is the conclusion when parents scold u..: SHUT UP MY MOUTH AND LET THEM SAY!

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