Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPM result!

oh gosh! spm result is finally out!
10.30a.m----> sitting inside the school waiting for result!
my heart is like bitting so fassttt~ gish..almost got heart-attack!
finally teacher annouced finish those straight A's students and it;s time for us to take our result!

wait until my turn..
teacher: AHH! yours science get A..congrats! than she give me the result
me: har?! 
don  dare to take result!
after that me and my sot po (sook kuan) =D
me: come on! die than die la..let's see!

after that...1..2...3..4.....8! 8 A's!!! haha~i shout like this at school>>>
haha~mostly those parents are looking at me..! oophs~ hehe~

what can i say?! i count and count! confirm! xD damn happy wei~
*         *            *

after that..hmph..countless of advise to which college..make me headache~
confuse me~ make me wanted to crash myself!

but lots of hour hours later..i finally can make some decision!~
at least im okay and my daddy is okay with it!

relief so much! hope i can achieve anything that i hope for!
pray for me!

oh ya! CRY is the most better way to release out those stupid emotional!

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