Saturday, April 30, 2011

back to the times

hm~GOSH ! i love my high schl friend! and I MISS THEM SO MUCH! they are d BEST~

haha~i think almost  a week we as in me and my tew buddy..left one too far d so cant join us!
we will went to old town at night for gossip and play! as in few guy work there so make old town more noisy!
but we get so benefit over there too! xDDD
it's so DAMN FUN! LOVE my friends so muchhhh!

today went back to high school with my buddy tang sook kuan! as i 6 in the morning crawl up from the bed waited for her..went back to school give me another feeling..
as a ex-student back to school make me kinda look grow up~x)
haha! *dunno pround about what* ==

than we went for long didn't enjoy with my friend already... then went back to school
me get said by teacher who wear short to school..i like..
TEACHER SHE SAID I CAN WEAR IT! if the ppl here throw me out she will BACK UP me!
teacher like..ok ok la..but u  don walk anywhere later let the dicipline teacher saw..
than when she call me go to toilet or walk around i will shout : TEACHER SAID I CANNOT RUN HERE AND THERE LA~ xD
she like..haiya..come la..since when u so good hear teacher advice d..i laugh at her.!
oh..i really miss them so much!
i hope we wont loss contact!

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