Monday, June 27, 2011

practical,assignment exam! u gonna be killing me! ish ish!

*           *                  *
BBQ part was awesome! CHOO KUEN WEI! it;s really nice! don blame urself that it's failed~x)
fooling around with the gang was soooo DAMN fun! i miss it so much!
but the most funny thing happen ,..everything is ready but we don have the BBQ STAND! LOL! we try to call everyone we know but seem that is so hard to get one. so we decided to go WEI CHING house..

when i reach at her house my eye is like WIDE OPEN!
http://www.smileycodes.infowe have been friend for so long and i don;t know u have such a BIG house! 
we went to terrace and BBQ~
it was AWESOME!

we totally had so much fun!

btw, me and cheah soon like two idoits finding way back to usj jus for his phone! u own me once! xD

oh driving still not so good if u have the guts to put ur ass on my car then GOOD LUCK~

<3 my friends so much!
oh ya! need to say SORRY to kevin they all! i didn mean not to join ur outing! >

sorry~still don have picture to load! is on the wayy at my fb!

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