Thursday, August 4, 2011


sorry for not posting anything for few weeks..quite busy recently..
uni go on

maybe after all those presentation finish i will be free to update my blog..

btw, im start loving my group mates. mainly SUSHI~ rmb how we first met? aww...

!st presentation done quite well...although i know that my voice is shivering a bit..nervous thou~
and THANKS to sushi for the slide show! is so DAMN AWESOME~!
after presentation is photo session! HAHA! have so much fun while take photo will those silly people! i <3 u all so much! XD

fooling around ..but so fast sem 1 gonna end...altough we met in a short period but i hope we will be in the same class for the next sem!! FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!

here are some photo~
more silly photo will be in my FB~

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