Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Piano Guys

It have been a while I start listening to classical music. "They" has been a YouTube channel Classical Music band I admire a lot. "They" are not so famous in Malaysia. "They" have never been to Malaysia to open an concert or orchestral. "They" release album but it hard to find in Malaysia.
"They" are ThePianoGuys.

ThePianoGuys is an American music duo which is Jon Schimdt and Steven Sharp Nelson. They became well-known since 2011 on their YouTube channel. They posted videos of popular song, videos of their creation on their channel accompanied by professionally good-looking scene and background.

Their music genre is more on rock or classical music or mix and match. On May 5,2012, ThePianoGuys YouTube channel have over 81.5 millions total views. This is their success in the music field with their talents and creativity. On March 2012, they became the top 300 world-wide YouTube Channels.

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Lets briefly know about them. Jon Schimdt is an American pianist. He was born in July 9, 1966. He began songwriting at age of 11.Until now, he had release 8 albums and 7 piano books.

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Steven Sharp Nelson  is a pioneer in playing cello. He began learning cello at 8. He actually invented a new method to play cello. He have release few album and some went in to the Billboard chart.

Generally, not many people like to listen to classical music. They already have a mind set that classical music is boring, slow and just-an-instrument-music. What so special?

ThePianoGuys are talented, inspiring and creative. Their music is more on like the "New Age Classical" which mean the combination of old classic music with the modern technique and style. This make their music and the music video more interesting and fun.
 From them, I got inspired by they creativity. That classical music does not mean to limited in the old age,slow and boring. It can collaborate with the modern music genre such as rock, R&B, Blue etc.

ThePianoGuys actually inspired me to listen to classical music and know how amazing music can be although I dont know how to use any musical instrument. Other than that, with a good music they also produce a good music video. The idea they used for every music video they posted is completely nice and NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE.  

In any field, creativity place an important role. With great idea, produce great things.

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