Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paper art

City in a Box
This a a gift from a special person on my birthday. It named "City in a Box". Its actually a empty container box and fill in with paper art. Although it just a simple and plain paper art but it actually needed a lot of effort to do it. The cutting, arrangement and folding. And the interesting part----- there's a hidden pocket at the background that fill in with a letter. This actually catch my attention and I started to do paper art! Oh! as you can see it actually is Paris in the Box..

I search on the internet for paper toy template because I still don know how to design it. It actually take lots of my time! During the semester break, i actually make a PANDA collection of paper art.! I am still improving my cutting, folding, gluing skills.

The panda crew collection!

I found our when most people think of art involving paper they sure think of drawing, sketching or painting.However, human are creative! They use paper for paper art or Craft, pop-out, Paper Toy, Origami, Collage and more.
This is how amazing creative and imagination can be. It not just creative in designing the template but also creative in different form like cutting, folding, and carving!
It just a small inspired  from the gift box.

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