Wednesday, October 21, 2009


went to visiting house on deepavali..
my dad drive us to 2 person 1st is saturday..
i sat at the car for 2 hours!!
it's take so long to reach there..
than my dad and the gut chat chat chat until 7 something only want to go home!

i sat there..and my head is growing MUSHROOM!

the next day..
went to a rich man house..i think he is rich..single story bangalo
and lot more banglo around the area..which is his

the guy>hi! wah!ur son ar...?so big ady lo..
> ur daughter also very big ady...

[when he saw my mom]
guy>wah! ur another daughter ar..? xD
>where is ur wife? u didn bring ar..
me> gor,i think mummy will feel very happy,someone says she young le..?!

i think he's a kinda joker lo...

* * *
when we went back that time...

guy>meng! next time rmb bring ur wife come la...

because of these day we eat a lot of meat,so the next few day what my mom cook?

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