Monday, October 5, 2009

new phone!

xD..i got a new walkman phone..!yeah!!
damn..happy la...but hor..need to pay by my own..=(
nevermind la..slowing pay back lu..

actually today me,my brother,and dad went to sunway pyramid to watch phone..but at the end everyone bought 1..i bought a sony w595,my bro bought nokia 5800,and my dad bought a samsung touch screen phone..

can say that every brand we have buy..but hor..i need to pay back my dad RM70++ every month!
no money shopping liao!

so sook kuan don call me out ady!

ahh!! so know i want to find JOB ady! or not i bankrup la! =X
my phone!

my bro's phone!

my dad's!

thanks,dad! i will slowly pay lah11
just one day than bought so many phone!

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