Friday, October 8, 2010

school life is like...? i wonder

.just add some song into the blog..
love joe hisaishi so nice
addicted in his music now..weee~
* * *
today during exam..

me and sook kuan wanted the ans from a she face back and hurry her to give the answer
1st,she throw a rubber but we could not reach, than she throw a paper.
sook kuan keep laughing non-stop until the teacher thinks she is crazy~
than, i gave her a eye contact..[want me drop something and u pick the paper up?]
she just pick up the paper and read..

later while i turn back to watch for the teacher..she qucikly stuff the paper under my question..when i turn back i saw it~
i like
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after recess she usually very high~ don know why~
started to read book and laugh herself alone in the class..
again , i like--- weird girl? O.o
than she pitch me..i sat next to her wanted to hit her back and she started to act drama or movie..
again and again i like-----har?! @.@

now my emotion are like ----MyEm0.Com

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