Friday, October 1, 2010


ahh~ is exam season..

 *           *              *
my family think that i m addicted to my doggie~ i call him wei wei~
don ask me why cause i also don't know..
my mom found him at the kidnergarden  near my house..don't know why my mom love him so we decided to adopt him~
it's been month he leave in my house..
his name is lucky..but he is really lucky to have us..
for the first few month-----he pee everywhere he like,even when i carry him,he pee on me!
                                -----started to bark when we close the door
few month later----he become as i say " clever".
                       ----pee on the newspaper.. started to sleep when we close the door!
but he is cute..i admit that~~so he dare to pee at me =.=

he know how to pose when i take my camera out!

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