Monday, June 18, 2012

Bitten Apple

Recently, I have just gotten an Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch. Although it is costly but I needed it for my three years of degree in Graphic Design. The pictures displayed on the screen is remarkably amazing, gotta thank Steve Jobs for founding Apple company. Moreover, this is the first Apple product that I actually acquired. The functions are totally different from a normal average Windows.

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The first thing I found out about my Macbook Pro is that there is no right click? O_o After learning it in university and the manual book, I roughly know how to operate a Mac.

The incredible and inspirational creator of Apple Inc, Steve Job have been admired by people around the world. I, myself admire Steve Job's ability as a designer, inventor and also a successful businessman. He had change the computer revolution in this world. He also know as the co-founder, chairman, CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Job is also  a member of the board of director  of The Walt Disney.

Steve Jobs background- also name as Steve Paul Jobs , born at February 24 1955 in California. He have 4 children which are Lisa-Brennan-Jobs (writer), Reed Jobs, Erin Jobs and Eve Jobs.

As a designer, Steve Jobs studies about typography. He said that he always focus on small little things (details) like every curve,pixel, gradient and light. For example, on the macbook Pro the sleep indicator light glows when it closed, every computer have it..what so special? For mac it know as timed to glow at average breathing rate of and adult.

Steve Jobs have received many honor and public  recognition because he had influence the technology industries. He has been called as the "Father of Digital Revolution".

Although he had pass away last years, but his creation has change the world of technology. Although Steve Jobs did not complete his study but with his creation, intelligent and imagination. He came out iPod, iPhone, iMac with different series that most of the people are holding now. I truly admire him, he used simplicity in all his design and creation. He is also a great leadership example. Creative leadership, he keep on coming something new to his customers.

In my opinion, Steve Jobs done the greatest invention until now. His creativity from a typography to Apple Computer to the finest Graphic on the screen in Apple Computer, to iPod-music, to iPad- entertainment, iPhone- Communication, iMac- Designer & businesses. All his invention just came in to people daily stuff.

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