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The bestseller!

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This book have reached the first best seller in UK, US, Germany and Ireland.
This novel is about holding on, letting go and learning to love again.

Briefly talk about the storyline, Gerry( Holly husband) succumbs to a terminal illness and pass away at the age of 30, Holly( Main Character) couldn't live with our her husband. She is sad, unable to let go and hiding herself in her apartment that she thinks one day her husband will be back. But with the help of series of letters that her husband left her before he died to give Holly strength to get back her life slowly. And a little help from her friends and family. She follow the letters from Gerry to find a jobs, meet new people, went back to the place they met.She finally learn to laugh, overcome those fears, and discover a world that she never knew.

The author, Cecelia Ahern is an Irish novelist since 2004. She was born in 30 September 1981. She obtained a Degree in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffth College Dublin. P.S I Love You was her first novel. It actually adapted to a film. She wrote few books such as Where Rainbow End, The Gift etc. She also produce short stories.

I love this book because she is good at pin-point the emotions of the character through words, thoughts and fears that someone in mourning go through especially you lost your beloved one. This book is good for those who has lost someone very special in their lives. The book theme is normal is strong! How hard for a person to go back to a normal life,when the love one are gone? It hard to go back to normal life, so Cecelia choose to wrote the story by letting the main character start her life all over again.

Cecelia use strong words that touch people feeling. Creativity can't stop by in words. It's more harder to express a feeling through a book with LOTS of words. It inspired me not to give up easily in  life and beautiful words express strong feelings
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Cecelia Ahern

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