Monday, July 9, 2012

Street Art

When it come to street art, most people think that is a vandalism. But actually what is street art?

Street art is a visual art take space in the public streets. Street art are different from vandalism. Street art look more meaningful than people who write their names or something meaningless on the wall. Sometime street art are very political.

James Reka, in my "The Amazing street artist" list. He is young and up-coming Melbourne artist acknowledge as pioneer among the Melbourne street art. His art piece in street art are mainly about his creation of mystery creature/cartoon that communicate through color and movement. He played around with the style of fantasy and surrealism. 

Grabbed via James Reka Blog

The above picture present by James Reka.

Personally, i think that street art is a kind of culture that represented a country, a beautiful street art may attract attention. Street art also shown a person creativity in public. For example, street art artist use the opportunity of the wall to paint something look weird, funny or even 3D. In my opinion, James Reka did a very good job on the street wall. His painted cartoon on the wall with striking colors. He inspire me that sometime you may no need to think logically. Creating something that never seen/heard before also a creativity.

Finding inspiration or being creative doesn't mean that you need to sit inside your room facing a small paper! Be like a street artist, get out form the room, face the public, the big wall and let the creative in you flow into your mind.

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