Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bon dë Odori!

Recently me and friend went to Bon Odori Malaysia occur at Shah Alam. This is the first time i went to Bon Odori. i was surprise that lots of people actually join this event.

In Japan, Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirit of the one that pass away. It actually has been celebrate more than 500 year. Bon Odori include a dance known as Bon-Dance. Because Bon Odori occur in summer in Japan, people usually wear Yukata (traditional wear). It also have huge carnival ride, foods and games. In Japan, they also put floating lanterns on the river that symbolize the ancestor spirit return to the world of death. At the end of the festival, they have firework display.2

While in Malaysia are a bit slightly different.Bon Odori was organizer by the Ministry of Tourism and The Japan Club Kuala Lumpur. Bon Odori in Malaysia doesn't have firework display and lantern. There have lots of different food stall and in the middle of the field have a big stage for people to perform Bon dance. After the speech and everything, dancer will go up to the stage and dance. The crowd will follow the dancer dance step by step.

Finding inspiration doesn't mean that you need to search for those top best artwork or any best thing. Inspiration might just came by searching some simple, basic or traditional thing. Bon Odori inspire me to remain the tradition sometimes. For the past 36 year they remain the same culture,same dance, same food but the event attracted many people to come. It inspire me that, for an artwork you can modify it but without changing the meaning or the technique. Other than that, Bon Odori inspire me about country culture and respect. In Bon Odori, people wearing Yukata include Malaysian, we interact. It seem that the relationship between our country and Japan getting closer. I personally respect their tradition culture that bring a different experience to me.


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