Monday, July 23, 2012

The leftover...

Did you ever think before garbage become an unlimited Art Material?

I was reading some blog yesterday and i saw this

At the first glance i though is was acrylic painting, but when i read the title it shock me. The artist use plastic leftover form broken toy and electronic device, wires, and other type of garbage to create this artwork. The recycle artist used smelly useless junk into a texture with a new meaning and content. The artist did not simply gather everything together, as you can see in this artwork, it obviously can see the shading and it look 2D. Other than that, it actually saving up lots of material money when you actually really go out and find those leftover. It simply doesn't consume more.

Recycled art are beautiful and inspiring. It represent a person creativity mind. Personally, i think that recycled art are more difficult than others.  You need to have a very creative mind to search for different leftover material and gather them together and form a real art.that have different texture and colors. This recycled portrait inspire me that not every pieces of artwork you must draw, paint and waste money to but material. Look around yourself, there are so many not useful stuff that you can keep it together and try to make a recycled art. Through waste, we also can make a beautiful pieces.

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