Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Enchanteur "What kind of romantic are you?"

I just received my Enchanteur free fragrance sample yesterday thou I can't really remember when I join the quiz. First, Enchanteur has a very unique style to let participate grab their free ENCHANTEUR EAU DE TOILETTE. There make a quiz, somehow to me it look like a psychology quiz. Oh! I love psychology quiz! Once you finish the quiz, they will analyse your personality and give you the fragrance sample depends on your personality. I am the lucky 10,000 participants! Sorry to say that the quiz is closed now :(

There are 5 types of fragrance which are ENTICING, ALLURING, BEAUTIFUL,CHARMING and ROMANTIC.

Guess what I got? BEAUTIFUL! Wahlalal yea woohoo I am beautiful! How I wish to get all the sample, maybe one day I should visit nearest drugstore to have a look. Okay, back here, these are the photos taken when I got my sample:

Packaging of the sample

Inside look 
Due to delievering, the little box was a little crumple. Sorry for the low resolution of the photo. I am so lazy to retake.

Overall look

On my little hand *ignore the nail polish! Geezzz*

Description from Enchanteur Beautiful Eau De Toilette : 
Let your gorgeous, mesmerizing personality shine with ENCHANTEUR BEAUTIFUL Eau De Toilette. Splashes ofCitrus fruits are laced with the captivating scent of Peony, Lily of the Valley then layered with White Musk and Violet, to concoct this ravishing fragrance. Add that extra sparkle to your natural beauty.

My Opinion: The scent of the fragrance is very light plus a little of floral and citrus fruits smell, I love it a lot. To me, the scent is like the mixture of lemon and orange. Personally, I don't really like  strong scent of  fragrance, but this is applicable to me. Oh, I feel young and fresh too after applied the fragrance! I can't stop smelling it now. I will give it 7/10 for the scent, 8/10 for the packaging perhaps. This is because I got no others similar fragrance to compare with, maybe after comparing with another 4 the rating will be different thou!

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