Wednesday, September 9, 2009

another different day..

haha..2moro finish latih tubi already!!
great! i love it..

at latih tubi me & sook kuan

me: borrow ur book!
sook kuan: nah..!take! faster..

teacher look over here...

me: wait..*==
as the book on sook kuan table..
me: keep ur book teacher coming..!

* * *

nicholas see pass by my table and hit until my water bottle drop on the floor..[going to toilet]
SPLASH! the water pour until the floor.. O.O

erm..someone please..
> u make drop ppl bottle lah!
>sorry ar!

when he come back...
>sorry ar..i but 1 back for u la..
me: never mind la..

what i tell to sook kuan>>>>>>>
me: i drink water for the whole day leh..i cant eat lo..
sk: hahahaha..xD [keep laughing]
cheah soon do the same thing with sook kuan..
me: ==^
borrow money i want to but water..
sk: nah..this 1 dollar also got put in the mesin wash before..i forgot to take out..hehe
me: **

* * *
after recess he really bought one bottle of water for me..haha..
thanks lah!

p/s: today is a crazy day for me!

a thrilling time is in ur immediate future

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