Wednesday, September 30, 2009

koperasi meeting..

today suddenly said that got meeting for koperasi members...
so i need to decorate the hall..
i call kuen wei and yi shuen come and help lo..but yi shuen din come..T.T

me and kuen wei start to put the alphabet together..
than she paste it at the white board..

kw>look like not straight one?
me> got meh? erm..a bit lah...
we two adjust and adjust..

* * *
after we finish lunch we go back to the hall..
got a register table and my duty is on!
we sit there and play..
me>got present? [actually is a pencil box]
kw>wah! i want the blue one..look nice leh..
me>ey, orange got a few only edition ar..

got people came and register..
me>sign ur name here..
hong mun>u want which colour ar?
guy>anything la..

than a teacher came here..
hm>teacher sign here..
hm>what colour u wan?got blue,green....
teacher> la..yellow? green la..
than the teacher says that she wanted to go toilet than at the end she din come back to attend the meeting..!

the bell rangs..
clement>what is this?i can go mah?
me>u got buy saham or not?
clement>no lah..nvm la..u write my name on..
than he try to take the present so we try to take it back!
than he came back again..
me>u really want to go in hor? very boring want wor..
clement> air corn...
me>my emotion

so me and kuen wei go to find the rest of them..
when we reach 4B..
kw>i don't want to go in la,,got the .....
me>why? ==*okay la i go..

than when we reach 4M..
me>my turn to don't want to go in liao..
* * *
when want to choose ALK that people give names ...
until the last one..
the teachers are discussing something..

me>yan jun,i called ur name ar?
yanjun>don want..
me>farah i call ur name ar?
farah>tak nak..
yj>chervie i call u ar?
me>noo..i m not la..i din buy the saham so u cant called..xD
yj> -O-

than after that,the principal says>i candangankan CHERVIE POON..
me>O.O..[i jus know want to called people,now called me!]
yj>^-^*[look at me]
don't say people ar later ownself got caught! T,T

than after finish all the things..
keep the decoraton back..
me>i want P..
hong mun>i want H AND M...
kw>ah!don't have C leh..
shen yi>i found K!!
than we stick the work on our uniform..haha..that's what we do before that

i got and P and i SMILEY face!
oh well,kinda fun today...
btw,is skip a lot of classes today! haha..
but exam is coming!

ohh!tomorrow need to stay back at school to study...haix..who want join us?

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