Tuesday, September 15, 2009

silly things that happen in my daily life..

today wake up than rain liao..
heavy rain le...than went to school like usual...

yesterday sook kuan called me and ask that i got took her pencil box..
when she called me i still sleeping..
sook kuan: u got saw my pencil box?
me> nope..
sk> haix..i lost liao lo..i think i left at 4C when chinese class.
me>cool la..pencil box only mah..2moro go find la..
sk>/...ok la [hang up]
me> eh...so fast...bye bye also didn say fine..continue sleep..

* * *

sk> i found my pencil box liao..i left at 4C
me> .............==

when in the class...got a water bottle on sook kuan table..

sk> whose water bottle is that??!
me> whose table is tat?

haha..actually is mine la..i just kidding with sook kuan..

this morning yan jun went to library to on the tv..
when she took the remote out..
press..press..press nothing come out..

sk> yan jun is waving her hand to say hello to the tv..
me> hahahah..^^
yan jun> ==^||

* * *


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