Monday, September 28, 2009

back to school..

wooh..back to school already!
miss them laa ;)

today happened a lots of things la..
at the morning went to school..everyone is reading sejarah!
OMG! i feel that exam mood is near already..
i can say that my mood is like this>>bunny Pictures, Images and Photos

quite lazy already! haix..
back sook kuan hitting me life's?!
just kidding laa ;)

* * *

cheah soon and kuen wei started to talk..kinda near..
his hand like want to beg people like that..

sk> see call k.w marry him like that..
me> O.O..really look like wor..

we two started to act..
sk is acting cheah soon,me is acting kuen wei..
sk> would u marry me?
me> no la..><
sk> come on la..
me> haha..xD [cant stop laugh]

sk> cheah soon! u want to call kuen wei marry u izit?
c.s> =)..ya ar..kuen wei wait for me ar..i will but 10 k diamond for u..
me> hahaha..u r right..where is it?10k?!
sk>ya la..where?
cs> the ahem..ahem will give la..
chah soon if u r looking not my fault ar

* * *

acc that time me and sook kuan went to toilet...
come back that acc note book has fly to sook kuan table...
when i saw it is got a few word that SOMEONE wrote it..
but to sook kuan note book..she is doing the T...
there got write grass--RM2430
rugi atas pelupusan FARMER----RM320
sk --*pawk* on my lap! ahh!
me> wei ar! not me ar! hit me for wat! pain ar!
sk> sorry..i tought u are he..
me> O>O do i look like he?!

the person is....

* * *
at chinese class...
teacher>exam coming lo..chinese wll not be so fast exam..

ohh! btw,i know the no name guy is who already!
cheah soooooon! u better watch out ar!
play with me!

* * *
PLS stop saying my best friends and the who NOT!
some more i don't that ur comment got what meaning inside or u talk like that..

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