Friday, August 3, 2012

The WF!

Here is another Youtube production I admire,

Wong Fu Production is film making group found by Ted Fu, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang. There are students and dorm mate from UCSD at San Diego. They started making video in 2003. Before having a professional official company, Sketchbook Media, they post their video on Youtube.

Wong Fu Production gained their popularity by producing music video and short films. Their works have been featured in national and international film festivals. For instant, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival. They have already inspired many people to go in this field. They hit one million subscriber in 2011. They also film singer music video. Others, they have tour around  the country, university, give talks and collaborate with other youtubers. In their production company, they came out with their design brand- "Nice Guy" which sell soft toy, T-shirt, badges, cups and more. ALL are done by threesome!

Personally, i found out their videos are very creative and unique. three of them  have  unique personality  which i think is important for online film maker. It actually way more easy for audience to remember you.

 Film making is also a creativity field, as Wong Fu Production they have lot of different idea to make video from sad to happy. Their creativity have shown in their video. They inspire me to dream big.  You just cant find one way to reach your goal, try others! Wong Fu uses the internet to gain popularity, to became a successful filmmaker. Other than that, they inspire me to be grateful for what you have. They said before they are very lucky that able to make movies for living, for what they are interested. I also must be grateful as i can study the course that i wanted.

Wong Fu Production

Nice Guy Logo

Photo grabbed via Google

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