Thursday, August 23, 2012


went for movie last few days, decided to watch Paranorman.

When i first heard about is a 3-D stop motion animated horror movie, i was like what is stop motion?

after the movie, i found out all the characters they used are like something make out from dough.

Norman is the main character which can talk to dead spirit, everyone does believe him and look down on him. One day, his uncle came to him and told him he is the one who can protect the town. Then, his journey begin to stop the curse from the witch.

From my view, the animation are very real, it doesnt look like those dough cartoon back in my days. Very fake and it does not move at all. Although this movie was a horror movie, but that day i saw many many parents bring their kids to watch. It's a humour horror cartoon to me. Other than that, this film full with fun character, everyone have their own unique personality. For example, Norman can talk to ghost but people call him freak. Zombies is not bad characters like what we think, they are regret for what they have done to the little girl. Paranorman is a bit of gothic and stylized. It's really a great animation to watch.  There have a great storyline with great character, this animation also consits moral value to children, young adults and adults.

ahhh...should come out before my storybook assignment so i have a clue for it! P/s: should go and watch!

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