Thursday, August 16, 2012

toilet paper roll!?

Many people doesn't care about the toilet paper roll after finishing the toilet paper. They throw it away like me. it because i feel that it a useless rubbish. Well, as my previous post i said that rubbish can become an artwork. So i search it at google about toilet paper art. This is what i found :

Tons of toilet paper with glue and scissors. a great wall deco is out. Recyclable, not involving money, modern and stylish!

Toilet paper art are very inspire-able. It take patient to make one toilet paper roll. Personally i find it quiet interesting that people keep toilet roll to make and artwork. Imagine a big piece of artwork need to use how many toilet roll and how long to gather it?!  Toilet roll as wall deco? never heard before. It is very creative because it doesn't involve big big amount of money to make a wall deco. It look classic and modern. Imagine you put this on your wall and when someone make compliment about it and you said : " Hey, it toilet roll!" they will be like "Whuuuttt?!". For me, i find out that recycle material or RUBBISH are the best medium to make  great artwork. It amazing that people have creative brain to make such things out with one material which is toilet roll. It not just about making and put it aside, it's about Decoration on the wall! Other than that, it designs are simple and modern. Not too fancyfor a wall decoration.

Image grabbed via Google.

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