Monday, August 27, 2012

Picnic Backet

So this is the last post for my assignment..

Want to share the strangest building in the world but after searching it, i browsing the image I personally find it quite creative.

This is a BUILDING!
Basket building in Ohia, Usa. Is a 7- story with an are of 180,000 square feet corporate headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. Inside the building got a atrium with glass ceiling which you can see the basket holder over the roof.This building is an example of Mimetic architecture. The basket handle weight 150 tons which can be heated during cold weather to prevent ice damage. The building is an identity of the  best seller of the wooden basket a.k.a picnic basket.

Personally, i find it very creative, this building make people remember what  their company produce very easily. Good marketing. Others, i find it very catchy because of the texture of building and the hander. It look so real that you might think is a giant basket for alien. It is very hard to seen in Malaysia with this kind of architecture. Usually is very hard to put your own company product as an architecture.
The creativity mine to make their best seller as a building is wonderful. The wooden texture they made on the building are very real.
I really hope that one day i can visit this super giant basket.

the interior of the basket building.

Image grabbed via google.

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