Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I was googling about origami and this pop out:

I though it was just normal paper origami, the colour attracted me and i click in. After reading, i was surprise is actually made out of ribbon.

It called ribbonesia which is the creation of Japanese artist and illustrator Baku Maeda. It is an art project where 3-D animals are created using ribbons and other fabric. He play with colours of ribbon and the simple repetition of the twist and bend to create ribbonesia. Ribbonesia not just like normal paper origami that usually we fold and  kept it. For ribbonesia, you can used it as a decoration with gift wrapping or as a accessories on your shirt or anything!

I think it is an interesting way to express his creativity using ribbons and fabric. Not like normal paper there are limited to colours or pattern. For ribbon, we can use any colours to express the ribbonesia that you wanted to make. I really admire people who can make amazing hand made stuff. It look elegant and classy to make ribbonesia as a gift to someone or as a decoration. The creativity of using ribbon to make and art or sculpture out is totally different from others. Although i think i will be costly, but at least is something that i never thought before. Is time for me to buy some ribbon and store it at home. How i wish there have a workshop for ribbonesia in Malaysia. I would definitely like to go and visit!

complicated ribbonesia!

Image grabbed via Google

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